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A group of friends recently gathered together, bound together by a single concern: poor educational standards in Indonesia, and the resulting poverty and suffering. Especially for kids. (See related: Surat Seorang Pengemis Cilik). But sooner or later we’ll have to face an inevitable barrier: funding.

Now. A friend from work told me about Angkor Photography Festival: the aim is to provide education for illiterate street kids and beggars in Cambodia, and to keep them off the streets. Photographers and reporters from around the world volunteered to hold a series of workshops and exhibitions for a week. These kids were introduced to cameras to channel their creative ideas and to communicate their world to other people, and were also included in a long-term educational program in language, photography, and performing arts (details here).

My own hometown, Bandung, has seen a similar program some time ago. Harry Roesli was its founder, and he taught street kids how to perform and he took them off the streets. But he passed away, and I don’t think his legacy will continue by its own without him. I wish… that this grassroot movement we started, can grow and one day realize the dream for peace.

Maybe we could even organize ‘Bandung “Street” Photography Festival’–for arts and humanitarian purposes. People who have contacts, or are willing to contribute in some way, please do contact me. Waiting to hear from you all…


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A heart is locked within me / I'll give to him who holds the key

I lay my head down and pray / may time stand still for me today

As I whisper in the breath of a feather:

This heart in me will I carry / even unto eternity

Written for: En's timeless

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No, I’m not sexist.
Just watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding two days ago in a prime-channel-deprived hotel room. Loved the movie. Loved the guy (Aidan from Sex and The City… *woot*woot*). Loved this phrase:

The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.

Anyways, got the exact quote from the movie at IMDB.

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