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So the next day I was still pondering about nature’s wonder in the form of an albino cockroach, when my sister told me of something that she heard. Her source is very reliable, and I have no choice but to believe her. Here’s what she said:

“The cockroach we saw yesterday, it’s not an albino. It’s shedding.”

… Whatttt!!!!! That’s an even bigger wonder! Cockroaches, while shedding skin, turns white!


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the albino cockroach

For those who read my cockroach saga posts… here’s another story:

It happened, as always, in the late hours of the night–when the lights are out and city sounds are thinning out. Nobody was home, just me and my sister. I was getting ready for bed, and she called me out.

I went to the pantry, and saw her stooping over something on the floor. It was almost surreal: the lights flickering above her, the sound of a lone motorbike roaring past our house, the silence of the night.

“It’s white,” said she.

“What is?”

“The cockroach, it’s white.”

“Pfft. Then it’s not a cockroach.”

Sure of my conviction that it’s not a cockroach, I went over. I bent down and looked to where her finger was pointing. Something was moving its antennae, its WHITE antennae, sensing if there’s any danger around.

Sure enough, it’s a white cockroach………….

I didn’t know albinism extend to such lowlifes as well. It didn’t freak me out as bad as it would had it been a normal black cockroach, though.

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tooth extraction

… No, unlike what the title suggests, it wasn't painful at all. The magic of anaesthetic. I had my tooth extracted two days ago for orthodontic purposes (yes, I'm wearing braces now! I feel like a pterodactyl, with lips protruding ahead…). I still have the tooth! Yes, the doctor actually offered me my (dead) tooth… and I took it home. You won't believe how big it is. The root is twice the size of the crown. What's more amazing, in mere two days it's already healing… I don't see a gaping red hole no more. Praise Him who made human body such a wonder.

So then. I'm ompong now….

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The next night after, as I lay me down to sleep, my sister who sleeps next to me started telling last night's story.
It turned out that it was herself screaming when she saw a cockroach (hereby known as 'the culprit') running across our kitchen floor. My mum and dad formed an alliance and killed the culprit (BRAAAKKK! banzaaaaiii!) But…! As they were disposing of the carcass, another was seen scuttling across out granite tiles. Another BRAAAAKKK! But not long after, another scream was heard:
"Muuummmmmm!!!!!!! Look OUUUTTTT!!!!"
The head culprit, its size as big as my thumb, was scouting out the warzone from above the cabinet. Its antennae moved around, trying vainly to detect where the attack will be coming from. BRAAAAAKKKK! Victory to our side.
By the end of the night:
Number of casualties = 5

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