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Sleeping with books

No books, no soft toys.

(You guessed right… this post has nothing whatsoever to do with caterpillars)

Is what the my surgeon told me. After my sinus surgery, it is imperative that I live in a very controlled environment–no stray dust or mold or mites can be allowed. In the olden days before Kindle, I would have squirmed and protested. No books on my desk? No books on my bedside table? No BOOKS? I can’t imagine a bedroom without books. Those who know me well know that books have a tendency to appear and accummulate in my bedroom. Over the course of any one week a half dozen books seem to have teleported themselves to my room.

So you can imagine my chagrin when I was told I was to live in a bedroom without books. That is, if I hadn’t had my Kindle 🙂

With Kindle now on my bedside table, it’s like sleeping with piles and piles of books in the room, with barely enough space for the bed. Imagine a heavily-curtained reading room, Victorian style, with big heavy books in tall wooden armoires, and me cuddled with a blanket in the middle of the books. Only, there are no books. Just one Kindle.

Someone has to tell Jeff Bezos that this is another accomplishment to be written on Kindle’s FAQ: Sinusitis-safe, rhinitis-safe, recommended for post-septoplasty-turbinoplasty-surgery care.


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